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Neutered Male 17 y/o Grey and White DLH

Yes, you ready Cody's age right -- he's 17!!!  17 going on 10.  He plays like a kitten, but has got lounging down to a science, having mastered the art of lap-snuggling.  As far as we can tell, he is quite healthy and could still have a nice, long retirement ahead of him.  Sadly, his beloved person had to go to a facility where he couldn't go, so he is seeking a super-special person with a welcoming lap, with whom to spend his golden years.  We know he's not a Persian, like you usually see on this page, but Cody has become a very special friend of ours and we want the very best for him.  For questions about Cody, you can email volunteer Andrea here at, or contact San Francisco Animal Care & Control at 415-554-9407, referring to Animal ID A389528.


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