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HARI- ID#A240619 - Spayed Female 13 y/o Seal Point Himalayan Mix

The shelter says this about this beautiful girl: Hari was an indoor only cat and only lived with one other cat, no dogs, and no kids. They both really like to use scratching posts. Hari is ok being handled, she'll cuddle in when you pick her up. She's 13 years old so we could guess she spent most of her time on a lap or on a warm blanket. Her coat is really beautiful, her markings are perfect Seal Point. She seems healthy, no reported issues from her previous person. Just picture how great she would look sitting on your couch with you or snuggled up on your bed. How can you resist?  Hari is available at Sonoma County Animal Services, located at 1247 Century Court, Santa Rosa, CA.  For info, call 707-565-7100 and ask for info about Animal ID#A240619 - Hari.

In shelter 2/28/17; posted 3/19/17.



Neutered Male 17 y/o Grey and White DLH

Yes, you ready Cody's age right -- he's 17!!!  17 going on 10.  He plays like a kitten, but has got lounging down to a science, having mastered the art of lap-snuggling.  As far as we can tell, he is quite healthy and could still have a nice, long retirement ahead of him.  Sadly, his beloved person had to go to a facility where he couldn't go, so he is seeking a super-special person with a welcoming lap, with whom to spend his golden years.  We know he's not a Persian, like you usually see on this page, but Cody has become a very special friend of ours and we want the very best for him.  For questions about Cody, you can email volunteer Andrea here at, or contact San Francisco Animal Care & Control at 415-554-9407, referring to Animal ID A389528.


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