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Emmett in SAN DIEGO

EMMETT - ID#A1651538 - Neutered Male 6 y/o Chocolate Point Himalayan

Mmmm, chocolate!  This cutie is available from San Diego Department of Animal Services- Central Shelter, located at 5480 Gaines Street, San Diego, CA.  For info, call 619.236.4250 and ask for info about Animal ID#A1651538.

In shelter 5/12/15; posted 5/25/15.

Bronson in ORANGE

BRONSON - ID#A1388910 - Neutered Male 4 y/o Cream Point Himalayan

Here is an absolutely adorable little guy waiting to be adopted from Orange County Animal Care Center, located at 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA.  For info, call (714) 935-6848 and ask for info about Animal ID#A1388910.

Posted 5/20/15.


TAFFY - ID#A032466 - Spayed Female 9 y/o Cream Tabby Mix

This beautiful sweet girl has been waiting way too long for some to adopt her!  Please go and meet her, then take her home from  San Clemente - Dana Point Animal Services, located at 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA.  For info, call (949) 492-1617 and ask for info about Animal ID#A032466.

In shelter 3/15/15; posted 5/20/15.

22986633 in BAKERSFIELD

ID#22986633 - Spayed Female 10 y/o Tortie Persian

This very precious young lady has been sitting in the shelter for way too long and really wants a kind person to come and take her home.  First, her person passes away, and now this!  Despite it all, she's quite healthy and is keeping her cute little figure up, weighing 11 pounds!  Won't you please adopt her?  We think that small children might frighten her, but she is otherwise a little doll.  She (wish I knew her name!) can be found at the Bakersfield SPCA, located at 3000 Gibson Street, Bakersfield, CA.  For info, call (661) 323-8353 and ask about ID#22986633.

Posted 5/2/15.